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1 Kilo Unimet 999.0 Silver Bar
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1 oz oz Silver Round - Chronos 2018
This 2018 Silver Round is part of the "Chronos" series
1 oz Silver - Icons of Route 66 Shield (Texas Cadillac Ranch)
The Icons of Route 66 Series takes customers on a visual journey across the most famous highway in America. Starting in Illinois and ending in California, each shield features a unique landmark from all of the 8 states that Route 66 passes through.

Each highway shield is designed to match the instantly recognizable shape of the Route 66 road sign and includes the highway name. Learn more about the exciting Icons of Route 66 Series today.
1 oz Silver Apollo silver Round
2019 marks the 50th anniversary of one of Americas crowning achievements of the Cold War. Locked in a battle with the Soviet Union to develop satellites and military arms while expanding influence around the world, the Americans landed one of the greatest blows of the Cold War by landing two men on the moon for the first time in human history. The 1 oz Apollo 11 Silver Round captures this moment in beautiful .999 pure silver
1 oz Silver Round - Chronos 2017 BU
This 2017 Silver Round is part of the "Chronos" series.

The series features changing designs every year, all with the same message referring to the well known phrase "Panta Rhei" (everything flows) by the famous Greek philosopher Heraclitus.
1 oz Silver Round - Moon Landing Anvniversary (Giant Leap)
This unique Silver round celebrates the anniversary of mankind's first landing on the moon on July 20, 1969.
1 oz Sync Silver Round (Through That Door Series #3, New, Proof Like)
The Through That Door Series from the North American Mint offers 1 oz silver rounds featuring designs that reimagines the decisions we face in life. Every choice that you make requires taking on a certain amount of risk. Youll never truly know whats on the other side until you open the door on that decision.
10 oz Silver Aztec Calendar Bar
The Aztec Calendar Stone, currently housed in the National Anthropology Museum in Mexico City, is the most famous work of Aztec sculpture in history. This incredibly intricate stone was carved around the year 1500 as a means to describe the origins of the cosmos and the structure of the universe as the Aztecs saw it. And to this day, the Aztec Calendar stone endures as one of the most prominent emblems of Mexican culture.
100 Gram Unimet Cast Silver Bar fine silver
100 gram brand new cast silver bars, manufactured by British refiners Unimet
10x 100 Gram Unimet Cast Silver Bar fine silver
10x 100 gram brand new cast silver bars, manufactured by British refiners Unimet SPECIAL OFFER 10 X 100 GRAM SILVER BARS DSCOUNTED DOWN BANK TRANSFER ONLY
1oz Silver - Germania Allegories 2019 - Britannia
Limited mintage of only 25,000.
Contains 1 oz of .9999 fine Silver.
Inaugural release of new Germania Mint 'Allegories' round series.
Obverse: Depicts the female personifications of Germania and Britannia with their shields featuring the two-headed Eagle (Germania) and the Union Jack (Britannia). Legend surrounding 'ALLEGORIES - 1 oz 999.9 FINE SILVER'.
Reverse: Features a crowned shield within wreath of oak leaves. 'GERMANIA - 2019 - 5 MARK
The Crowned shield on the reverse bears many traditional meanings, precisely defined by heraldry:

Top left corner of the crest features the Germania Mint's Bicephalous eagle - a Roman mythology symbol associated with Janus, the god of all origins, guardian of doors, gates, passages and bridges, the patron of contracts and alliances. Heads facing the opposite symbolize the past and the future.
Right upper corner: decorated with a check pattern that refers to wisdom and prudence.
Left bottom corner: features three flowers on a gold ribbon. They hide three values determining a strong and independent nation - unity, integrity and freedom.
Right bottom corner: depicts a Wild Boar. A very popular and respectful animal in Roman Empire, which is a symbol of mightiness and power. At least three famous Roman legions are known to have had a boar as their emblem: Legio I Italica, Legio X Fretensis and Legio XX Valeria Victrix.
1oz Silver 2019 Alderney Puffin
1oz Silver 2019 Alderney Puffin
This is an Apmex exclusive with a limited mintage of only 10000 coins worldwide
The obverse depicts the likeness of Queen Elizabeth II along with the year of issue and country of issue.
The reverse features a Puffin standing on a rock with the ocean in the background.