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1 OZ .999 Silver Shield ZUCKERBORG Facebook Social Media Info War
* The Final Mintage is 1810 and less than 1710 released.
* Medallions in the series are all mini-mintages with limited sell periods and limited production.
* Comes with Certificate of Authenticity!

The Story: The 2019 1OZ Zuckerborg Bu continues the INfoIndComplex Series. A modern day play on the classic Zero Wing broken English meme "All your base are belong to us." Facebook is a dopamine driven, self-surveillance and mass manipulation tool in the guise of being cool and connecting the masses.
1 oz Chautauqua Silver Works Stax The Bull Silver Round
The Chautauqua Silver Works is the definition of a small private minting operation. Founded by Ron Kinney in 2013, the sole offering from Chautauqua are 1 oz silver rounds with unique and distinctive designs available with extremely limited mintage figures. Many of his silver round designs have a mintage cap of just 200 rounds! The 1 oz Chautauqua Silver Works Stax Silver Round
1 oz. 2019 Starve the Beast With COA Mintage 2536
1 oz. 2019 Starve the Beast With COA
Mintage 2536
This unique new design draws upon two previous popular designs that were the most popular of the series thus far, 2017 Winter is Here and 2018 Mark of the Beast.

There is a power struggle going on in the world. Those that derive power from the creations of digital illusions of wealth and those that stack real wealth.

Individuals are slowly waking up to the fact that this Debt and Death Paradigm is unsustainable and immoral. The entire Silver Shield series is based on becoming conscious of this ugly reality and withdrawing your consent and wealth from that paradigm. To create a literal silver shield of real tangible wealth to protect those you care about from the inevitable coming of the single largest event in human history, the collapse of the dollar.

Many nations that don’t benefit off of the current world order are also stacking real tangible wealth for this inevitable dollar collapse. They will use their real tangible wealth to fill the void left by the defunct Dollar Hegemon. China, Russia, and India are nations leading this shift in wealth. They are creating their own Central Banks, SWIFT system, Petro Yuan and stacking massive amounts of gold.

China alone is the largest importer of gold and the largest producer of gold. And by law, they cannot export any gold. They know that whatever the post-Dollar order is going to be started with real tangible wealth like gold and silver.

Russia under Putin has massively increased the Russian Central Banks holdings of gold. He realizes that these digital illusion Ponzi powers only have control over his people so much as they allow themselves to be invested in their illusions. Recently, Russia dumped nearly all of the billions of US Treasuries and increased their gold holding. With that one act, he began what the world will eventually do by no longer consenting to the Beast in Basel Switzerland, the Bank of International Settlements.

You too can Starve the Beast by recognizing that this Dollar paradigm is built on fraud and cannot last forever. And that the economic, social and psychological impact of that collapse will cause tremendous paid for those that do not have real wealth outside of that doomed system. That by stacking real wealth, you will provide a buffer to a very harsh coming reality and perhaps be the basis for the generational wealth opportunities that will arise from the ashes of the Death of the Dollar.
100 Gram Unimet Cast Silver Bar fine silver
100 gram brand new cast silver bars, manufactured by Yorkshire refiners Unimet .Stamped by Sheffield assay office.
2019 1oz Silver Australian Kangaroo
2019 one Ounce Silver Kangaroo from Perth Mint. The Perth Mint are known for producing beautiful bullion coins and this is no exception. The coin features a red Kangaroo - the same as the Gold Nugget - and contains the Perth Mint mark of 'P' on the reverse.

The obverse side bears Ian Rank-Broadley's portrait of Queen Elizabeth II - the fourth such portrait of the Queen used for coins. The image shows Her Majesty wearing the Girls of Great Britain and Ireland tiara, as well as Queen Mary button stud pearl earrings.
2019 Antigua & Barbuda 1 oz Silver Rum Runner
The popular Rum Runner is back for 2019, as the first release in the EC8 coin program. Issued from the country of Antigua & Barbuda, this coin has a story to tell as an 18th century pirate oversees his crew loading some of the finest rum.

The EC8 program consists of four coins in each release on behalf of each of the eight Caribbean island members that comprise the ECCB - Anguilla, Antigua and Barbuda, Commonwealth of Dominica, Grenada, Montserrat, Saint Kitts and Nevis, Saint Lucia, and Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. The ECCB is the official issuer of the Eastern Caribbean Dollar - the Currency of the EC8 2019 Coin Program.

Obverse: Displays an image of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, along with the weight and purity below.
Reverse: Depicts an 18th century pirate overseeing his crew as they onload some of the finest rum in the world from Antigua & Barbuda.
Both obverse and reverse rims feature wavy radial lines making the coins harder to duplicate and provide a measure of security.
The coins, manufactured and distributed by Scottsdale Mint are legal tender in the territories of the eight members that comprise the Eastern Caribbean Central Bank.
2019 Australia 1 oz Silver Bird of Paradise Manucodia
- Obverse: Displays the Jody Clark effigy of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, the monetary denomination and the 2019 year-date are depicted.
- Reverse: Depicts a Manucode Bird perched on a branch. The design includes the inscription "AUSTRALIAN BIRD OF PARADISE" and The Perth Mint’s "P" mintmark.
2019 Australia 1 oz Silver Swan BU
Exquisitely crafted, this Brilliant Uncirculated Silver Swan builds on the success of the Silver bullion Swan first launched in 2017. This 2019 BU Swan continues the limited mintage of 25,000 coins made of .9999 fine Silver.

This coin is the third annual series of 1 oz limited mintage Silver Swan coins with designs varying each year, much like the heralded Koala and Kookaburra coin series from Perth. Limited mintage of 25,000 coins
2019 Austrian 1 oz Silver Wiener Neustadt - 825th Anniversary
2019 Austrian 1 oz Silver Wiener Neustadt - 825th Anniversary
2019 Barbados 1 oz Silver Lionfish
Obverse: Displays the Barbados coat of arms along with the face value and purity. The Golden Shield of the Arms carries two Pride of Barbados flowers (the National Flower) and the Bearded Fig Tree (ficus Citrifolia). On either side of the shield are the supporters-on the right is a dolphin symbolic of the fishing industry and on the left is a Pelican, after Pelican Island, a small outcrop later incorporated into the Deep Water Harbour development. Above the shield is a helmet and mantling and on a wreath is the arm and hand of a Bajan holding two crossed pieces of sugar cane symbolic of the sugar industry. The Coat of Arms carries the motto "Pride and Industry."
Reverse: Features a Lionfish with graphic images of the Caribbean Sea in the background. The name of the coin, purity and year of issue is also on the reverse.
Low mintage 10000
2019 Great Britain 1 oz Silver The Royal Arms BU
This Silver bullion coin from The Royal Mint features the Royal Arms, a symbol of strength and majesty. The awe-inspiring design is depicted on 1 ounce of .999 fine Silver, and is the newest addition to The Royal Mint Silver bullion range.
2019 Patriot 1 oz Proof Like Silver Round - American Revolution (Series 1)
1st Release in the Patriot Collection!
Contains 1 Troy oz of .999 pure silver
Struck at Mason Mint
Sculpted by World Renowned artist Heidi Wastweet
Features a proof-like finish

Celebrate the historic valor and liberty-loving spirit of the American Revolution with the exclusive new Patriot Silver Round from Mason Mint!