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1 OZ .999 Silver Shield ZUCKERBORG Facebook Social Media Info War
* The Final Mintage is 1810 and less than 1710 released.
* Medallions in the series are all mini-mintages with limited sell periods and limited production.
* Comes with Certificate of Authenticity!

The Story: The 2019 1OZ Zuckerborg Bu continues the INfoIndComplex Series. A modern day play on the classic Zero Wing broken English meme "All your base are belong to us." Facebook is a dopamine driven, self-surveillance and mass manipulation tool in the guise of being cool and connecting the masses.
In order to understand the Information Industrial Complex you must know the nexus between government and corporate power.

In-Q-Tel is a CIA company that invests seed capital into technology companies that can ultimately serve the government.

I fear that this Fascist merger of state and corporate power does not simply act as an angel investor in new ideas but is the infiltrator, subverter, and destroyer of many other already established companies that they want power over.

This is, of course, a natural move given that nobody would willingly give all of their life’s private information to a .gov site. But make it a cool hip tech company with lots of millionaires and billionaires and make the service free, and you can get all of the country to give what no government agency could ever demand.

The 2019 1 oz Silver Shield In-Q-Tel shows the hydra of power that must connect the private corporate powers of the Information Industrial Complex with the state powers in this Fascist and demanding paradigm we live in.
1 oz Liberty or Death BU Silver Round .999 Fine
Liberty or Death was the rallying cry for our American Revolution against the British Empire. How many men and woman risked it all for us to be free today? Now we are dominated by the very same British Bankers that own and control the Privately held Federal Reserve and their fiat dollars. Declare your financial independence with this meaningful declaration of real tangible wealth in the face of a global, generational, debt-based, fiat, digital illusion of wealth, Ponzi world!
1 oz Royal Highness BU Silver Round .999 Fine
The Silver Shield Royal Highness is the mock of the second most popular silver coin on earth. Instead of glorifying an Elitist Resting Bitch Face and a boring Maple Leaf, Silver Shield seeks to expose the Criminal Elite for what they are and glorify a leaf truly worthy of it.
1 oz. 2019 Starve the Beast With COA Mintage 2536
1 oz. 2019 Starve the Beast With COA
Mintage 2536
This unique new design draws upon two previous popular designs that were the most popular of the series thus far, 2017 Winter is Here and 2018 Mark of the Beast.

There is a power struggle going on in the world. Those that derive power from the creations of digital illusions of wealth and those that stack real wealth.

Individuals are slowly waking up to the fact that this Debt and Death Paradigm is unsustainable and immoral. The entire Silver Shield series is based on becoming conscious of this ugly reality and withdrawing your consent and wealth from that paradigm. To create a literal silver shield of real tangible wealth to protect those you care about from the inevitable coming of the single largest event in human history, the collapse of the dollar.

Many nations that don’t benefit off of the current world order are also stacking real tangible wealth for this inevitable dollar collapse. They will use their real tangible wealth to fill the void left by the defunct Dollar Hegemon. China, Russia, and India are nations leading this shift in wealth. They are creating their own Central Banks, SWIFT system, Petro Yuan and stacking massive amounts of gold.

China alone is the largest importer of gold and the largest producer of gold. And by law, they cannot export any gold. They know that whatever the post-Dollar order is going to be started with real tangible wealth like gold and silver.

Russia under Putin has massively increased the Russian Central Banks holdings of gold. He realizes that these digital illusion Ponzi powers only have control over his people so much as they allow themselves to be invested in their illusions. Recently, Russia dumped nearly all of the billions of US Treasuries and increased their gold holding. With that one act, he began what the world will eventually do by no longer consenting to the Beast in Basel Switzerland, the Bank of International Settlements.

You too can Starve the Beast by recognizing that this Dollar paradigm is built on fraud and cannot last forever. And that the economic, social and psychological impact of that collapse will cause tremendous paid for those that do not have real wealth outside of that doomed system. That by stacking real wealth, you will provide a buffer to a very harsh coming reality and perhaps be the basis for the generational wealth opportunities that will arise from the ashes of the Death of the Dollar.
2018 1 oz Silver Shield Mini Mintage Radiant King
2018 1 oz Silver Shield Mini Mintage Radiant King
2018 1 oz Silver Shield Round - MiniMintage Sacral Chakra
2018 1 oz Silver Shield Round - MiniMintage Sacral Chakra
2019 1 oz Silver Shield Round - Justice
2019 1 oz Silver Shield Round - Justice
Contains 1 oz of .999 fine Silver.
Obverse: Features Lady Justice emitting divine radiance of justice from within.
Reverse: New and improved design for the Silver Shield collection. Features a sword in the middle encircled with flames near the outer rim and the words “Silver Shield” and “1 Troy Ounce .999 Pure AG” along with the date 2019.
Supplied in a rimless capsule
2019 Silver Shield DON'T BE EVIL - 1 oz Silver BU - #5 in InfoIndCom
Mintage of only 1,555
Supplied with quality rimless direct fit capsule.
All our prices include recorded postage.
I for one am very grateful Google and YouTube exist as they were both instrumental in my awakening and eventual career. The ability to researching for free and the ability to express ideas globally has changed my life and billions more forever. All of this occurred in the golden age of the Internet of wild freedom. That time has passed and we are entering into some dystopian future where a few can literally control the thoughts of humanity.

When Google created their unofficial motto of “Don’t Be Evil” it posed a few questions to the nature of the company.

First and foremost is the ability for the company to be evil. It has a near monopoly on the flow of information. The unbelievable amount of access to information and private information in the wrong hands could empower psychopaths to exert even more control over individuals. Very few business even have the ability to be evil much less have the ability to do it in so many ways.

“Those who control the present, control the past and those who control the past control the future.” - George Orwell

Google’s ability to alter search results and hide information has been evident in many cases. This promotes ideas they wish to make more popular and any oppositional ideas, simply disappear down the 1984 memory hole.

As we become more financially tied to the internet, the ability of Google demonetize sites with their ads provides an added level of control over the lives of others. Mind you this is only exerted in the Truth movement. You never here of gardening or self help businesses attacked in this way. Most often it is independent journalists and activists that have dedicated their lives to truth.

Google also poses as a private company, but works intimately with governmental agencies in the US but also in China. Where a recent revolt from employees over the controls China wanted Google to exert over it’s citizens.

The most powerful revolt came from more an 4,600 Google employee’s that signed a petition to end Google’s participation in the Defense Department’s Project Maven that would use Google’s technology in warfare. While it seems the effort worked to pressure Google out of renewing the contract, I am sure it will not stop the more morally ambiguous talent from fulfilling that Government money. It does show that we can only make the difference in what we actively or passively accept in our world.
2019 Silver Shield MiniMintage Series Petro Yuan 1 oz Silver BU Round
The Death of the Dollar series continues with the 2019 1 oz BU Petro Yuan.
Low mintage - 2729
Comes with COA