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1 oz 2020 Niue Tree of Life Silver Coin
This coin pays homage to the ancient symbol that shares roots in many religious and existential philosophies the world-over, the infinite, all-embracing tree of life.
The obverse displays a meticulously designed, enchanting render in the form of an almond tree. suspended in a field of light catching, micro-engraved radial lines in a spiralled format. Additionally, the word-name Yahweh, which is translated into, “the one who gives true life.” In addition to the coins weight and purity.
1 oz 2020 Silver Shield Trump Round
Like President Andrew Jackson, Trump will cast off the Den of Thieves that has hijacked America from its divine destiny.
This is a land of freedom and we should be building shinning cities on the hills.
Anything short of that miracle... and America will not survive any other way.

And if Trump doesn’t win… And Biden and Bernie come in to power with their taxes and inflation…
You will have real valuable silver to protect you as the world burns.
Supplied with a capsule.
1 oz Silver 2020 Komsco Korean Phoenix
A phoenix is depicted in a typical Western cultural motif on the obverse of 1 oz Silver 2020 South Korean Phoenix Medals. This design showcases the flowing, elegant feathers of the phoenix as it flies with its wings spread to the fullest. Inscriptions on this side beneath the figure of the bird include Korean Phoenix and 2020.

On this face of the coin, you will also find a new latent security image struck into the coin by KOMSCO. A new version of its latent security feature, this new design includes vertical lines and changes based on your viewing angle. As you adjust that angle, you will notice the Korean language markings of either Bong or Hwang, the Korean word for the phoenix.

Two phoenixes are depicted on the reverse of the 1 oz Silver 2020 South Korean Phoenix Medal in profile relief. The birds are shown opposite of one another looking inward, with the bird on the right holding an orb in its beak just as the phoenix on the obverse is. The Taeguk is featured in the centre between the two. This is based on the seal of the President of the Republic of Korea. Inscriptions read Republic of Korea, KOMSCO, and 1 oz Fine Silver 999.
1 oz silver KRUGERRAND 2020
The obverse of all 2020 1 oz South African Silver Krugerrand Coins features the effigy of Paul Kruger. The first elected President of the South African Republic, Kruger had previously served in the Boer armies during the Boer Wars and then participated as a leader in the triumvirate that governed South Africa before the formation of the new republic.
On the reverse face of 2020 South African Silver Krugerrand Coins is the image of a Springbok antelope. This medium-sized antelope is the lone member of its genus and can be found primarily in southern and southwestern Africa.
1/10oz Gold 2020 Perth Mint Kookaburra
The Perth Mint issues the silver and gold bullion versions of the Australian Kookaburra each year, but it is typically the silver version that offers more variety in terms of weights. To mark the 30th anniversary of this coveted coin series, the mint has decided to release a first-ever 1/10 oz Gold Kookaburra coin.

While the silver 30th-anniversary coins in 2020 have both a new 2020 design and the 1990 design, the smaller surface area of the 1/10 oz Gold Kookaburra only allows the Perth Mint to use Stuart Devlins original design from the first issue of the coins in 1990.
1/10oz Gold Australian Lunar Year of The ox 2021
The obverse side of 2021 1/10 oz Australian Gold Lunar Ox Coins includes the right-profile bust of Queen Elizabeth II. This is the sixth-generation effigy of the Queen to feature on Australian coins and is the first since 1966 to include her neckline and shoulders within the portrait design field. The Queens portrait shown here was created in 2015 by Jody Clark.

On the reverse face of 2021 Australian Gold Lunar Ox Coins, you will find the depiction of a male ox. The ox is showcasing its powerful form as it looks to its left with its right leg lifted just off the ground.
1/2oz Silver Perth Mint Lunar ox
The 2009 Australian Lunar Silver Coin celebrates the Year of the Ox, an animal associated with determination, patience and dependability in Chinese culture. The design also incorporates the Perth Mint’s “P” mint mark.
Obverse: Shows the Ian Rank-Broadley likeness of Queen Elizabeth II along with the face value.
Reverse: Features an image of an ox and a calf with hills in the background.
1/4oz Gold 2021 Queens Beast White Greyhound of Richmond
Since 2016, the “The Queen's Beasts” series has been issued by the British Royal Mint. The series contains ten different coat of arms motifs, the reverse is adorned by Queen Elizabeth II.
The 2021 White Greyhound gold coin is the last of ten royal coin designs. The series symbolizes ten imposing animal statues which adorned the entrance of Westminster Abbey at the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II in 1953.

The Queen Beasts series is made up of the following,

The Lion of England,
The Griffin of Edward III,
The Falcon of The Plantagenets,
The Black Bull of Clarence,
The Yale of Beaufort (the Yale of Beaufort),
The White Lion of Mortimer (the white lion of Mortimer),
The White Greyhound of Richmond (the white greyhound of Richmond),
The Red Dragon of Wales (the red dragon of Wales),
The Unicorn of Scotland (the unicorn of Scotland),
The White Horse of Hanover (the white horse of Hanover)
1oz Aztec Calendar Silver Bar
Reverse side of the 1 oz Aztec Calendar Silver Bars includes the replica of the Aztec sun stone. The ornate circular design tracks the days and years of the Aztec lunar cycle. The stone tracks the 52-year, 365-day cycle of the Aztec solar calendar with 18 distinct 20-day cycles. Years, days, and periods of time on the calendar are given a name and number identification rather than the modern month of the year and day of the month system.

Obverse features of the 1 oz Aztec Calendar Silver Bars bear the portrait of Cuauhtemoc in left-profile relief. This design captures his effigy with a feathered headdress and ornate plumage on his head as well as decorative armor on his upper chest and shoulders with earrings in his ears.
1oz Ghana 2020 Giants of the Ice Age - Cave Bear
The silver Cave Bear coin is the fourth issue of the popular bullion series - Giants of the Ice Age. Giants of the Ice Age from Leipziger Edelmetallverarbeitung presents extinct species from the Ice Age. The Cave Bear coin contains 1 oz of .999 fine silver and is also issued as legal tender in the Republic of Ghana. Mintage is limited to 15000 pieces.
1oz Silver Niue Celestial Animals The Red Phoenix 2020
This series in .999 fine Silver celebrates the animals of Feng Shui. The Celestial Animals series continues with the Red Phoenix, with a limited mintage of 10,000 worldwide.
Obverse: Likeness of Queen Elizabeth II, date and face value.
Reverse: Features the Red Phoenix along with the Silver weight and purity.
1oz Silver Perth Mint Lunar Rooster- Coloured
The reverse of the coin depicts a coloured rooster, a hen, and three chicks standing amongst bamboo foliage and flowers. The Chinese character for ‘rooster’ and the inscription ‘Year of the Rooster’ also appear in the design with The Perth Mint’s traditional ‘P’ mintmark